We grind fresh in house and build our blends in small batches so they do not sit and lose flavor. And many of our blends were inspired by customer requests!
Quality Spices  & Blends

Quality Spices & Blends

The Spice Agent grew out of his love for cooking. High quality, unique spices, sourced from around the world.

Freshly Ground Rubs

Freshly Ground Rubs

Whole spices are often toasted, freshly ground and expertly blended to order, for the absolute freshest spices.

Seasonings & Salts

Seasonings & Salts

We have tested recipes an added Seasonings & Salts making everyday dishes Extraordinaire!.

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From: $6.15

Berry Brambled Tea

Berry Brambled Tea is sweet honeybush tea mixed with earthy bramble leaves, and a blend of elder berries, bilberries, lycii berries, blueberries and acai berry powder to produce this flavorful brew.

From: $5.63

Toasted Onion Sea Salt

Meat rubs and vegetable seasonings have a new friend in this sea salt. Onion is one of the most helpful flavor ingredients in cooking and this sea salt is a perfect example of that.

From: $7.95


Swee-Heat! is a bold, spicy blend of nothing but sea salt and raw sugar. Work into ground meats or put on anything that needs some salt and some BANG!

From: $4.90

Peach White Tea

Peach White Tea is the refreshing flavor of peach combined with a delicate, premium white tea, giving this tea the wonderful aroma and taste of sweet ripened peaches with a peach-nectar aroma.

From: $6.50

Grilling Salt

Work into ground meats of any kind for burgers or sprinkle over veggies for the grill. You could build a rub and add this combination for next level flavor.

From: $5.40

Zesty Garlic Montreal Blend

Zesty Garlic Montreal Blend really cuts through and compliments the other ingredients with a bold, sharp, mouth-watering flavor. Use the same as the original for steaks, chicken, chops or fish.

From: $5.95

Parmesan Tomato Herb Blend

Parmesan Tomato Herb Blend has a wonderful bold cheesy tomato flavor that could be used in an oil- based bread dipper, or in a creamy style dip or dressing. Bread makers adding some to an easy flatbread or a nice focaccia would be a must!

From: $3.65

Fresh Coastal Seafood Blend

Made this for fish mainly, as requested, but it would work on chicken, chops, in soups, or on potatoes. It’s just a fresh flavor you can lightly season with salt yourself.

From: $5.60

Spicy Burgers & Fries

Spicy Burgers & Fries was made from the base idea of the original Burgers & Fries blend. Lower salt and outstanding flavor. I had to make a spicy one! It’s got a balanced flavor weirdly sweet as well as hot and spicy. If the kids like spicy food??  This will help season vegetables so maybe they will eat more of them!

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