We pride our business in delivering the freshest possible product for our customers. We grind fresh in house and build our blends in small recipes so they do not sit and lose flavor. And many of our blends were inspired by customer requests!


The Spice Agent grew out of his love for cooking. High quality, unique spices, sourced from around the world.

Organic Freshly Ground Spices

Organic Freshly Ground Spices

Whole spices are often toasted, freshly ground and expertly blended to order, for the absolute freshest spices.

The Difference in Spices

The Difference in Spices

We have tested recipes that will take you around the world and offer endless Ideas for making everyday dishes Extraordinaire!.


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Summer Savory

From: $2.97

Winter Savory

Winter savory (Satureja montana) is a perennial herb in the family Lamiaceae, native to warm temperate regions of southern Europe.

.7 oz. & 2 oz.

Tandoori Blend

From: $5.02

Tandoori Blend

You may think that tandoori is a recipe, but it’s actually a cooking method that has become synonymous with the food that is prepared. Basically, tandoori is a marinated meat cooked over an intense fire in a tandoor, clay oven.  This exotic Tandoori Blend can be adapted to many recipes.

1.6 oz. & 4.6 oz.

Pickling Spice

From: $8.66

Pickling Spice

This traditional Pickling Spice has stood the test of time.  You can’t go wrong with this blend!

5.3 oz.

From: $5.23

Lemon Pepper Blend

Lemon Pepper is a popular blend enjoyed in a variety of dishes.

1.6 oz. & 3.6 oz.

Lime Pepper Blend

From: $5.19

Lime Pepper Blend

Add Latin flair to your dishes with Lime Pepper.  The citrusy flavor with the bold blast of pepper is so versatile.
1.8 oz. or 4 oz.

From: $4.72

Poseidon’s Seafood Blend

Poseidon’s Seafood Blend is a real seaward adventure for the home cook.

1.5 oz. & 4.7

Citrus Serrano Blend

From: $5.20

Citrus Serrano Blend

The Citrus Serrano Blend is a mix of lemon and lime, for a good boost of citrus combined with New Mexico hatch and smoked serrano chiles. Hard not to use this on grilled shrimp or baked fish. It has a great balance of flavor for a variety of cooking styles and cuisine. Steak or chicken tacos come to mind, as well as roasted or grilled veggies, or rice. Use it in a dredge for some breaded chops or season a nice pork loin.

Ingredients: paprika, ground chiles, sugar, garlic, lime juice powder, Hawaiian sea salt, pepper and lemon peel

From: $4.38

Smoke Bite Chile Blend

Smoke Bite Chile Blend ranks 9 on the heat scale of 10.  This is a combo of some of the finest and hottest ground chiles available with a hint of smoke.  Use sparingly at first!
Contains: chile peppers and natural smoke flavor.

How daring are you?  Try a little Smoke Bite Chile Blend on chili or stews naturally, but sprinkle it pretty much anywhere you want some heat.  Have a cold beverage ready.

1.2 oz. & 3.5 oz.

From: $3.73

Tuscan Red Herb Blend

The Tuscan Red Herb Blend is a must for some authentic Tuscan Italian flavor and salt is the least ingredient used.

Freshly Ground Spices