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From $5.95

Ras El Hanout

Use Ras El Hanout  as a rub for roasted meats, add flavor to casseroles and stews, or grind to finer powder and use as a condiment. Some of the ingredients might not be in your pantry. This blend allows you to explore new flavors.

From $6.50

Shrooms & Onions

Shrooms & Onions is a seasoning for the mushroom lovers. Add this to pasta, ramen, dips, soups and stews. Work into meatloaf or burger meat.

From $4.50

Bagel Blend

Bagel Blend is an all purpose seasoning that can be used in all kinds of things. Added to dips, party mixes or used on or in breads.

From $6.50

Angry Burgers & Fries

This has a great complex  flavor and a searing, building heat, and good on just about anything.

From $6.50

Extreme! Burgers & Fries

Extreme! Burger & Fries is the next in the series, combining all 3 together. Smoke with heat and great flavor.


Honey Ghee

Honey Ghee is a mixture of 40% Pacific Northwest clover blossom honey and 60% of the slightly salty caramel-like flavor of brown butter ghee, straight from grass-fed Pacific Northwest cows.

From $5.69

Berry Brambled Tea

Berry Brambled Tea is sweet honeybush tea mixed with earthy bramble leaves, and a blend of elder berries, bilberries, lycii berries, blueberries and acai berry powder to produce this flavorful brew.

From $5.63

Toasted Onion Sea Salt

Meat rubs and vegetable seasonings have a new friend in this sea salt. Onion is one of the most helpful flavor ingredients in cooking and this sea salt is a perfect example of that.

From $7.95


Swee-Heat! is a bold, spicy blend of nothing but sea salt and raw sugar. Work into ground meats or put on anything that needs some salt and some BANG!

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