Pink Peppercorns

Pink Peppercorns
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Pink peppercorns, or rose baises, are fun to use in cooking, as they add both a fruity flavor and bold, beautiful color.  From a small mastic-tree, these little berries are not a proper member of the pepper family. The green berries grow in tiny clusters of white flowers that form in autumn, and become bright red before harvesting. Their name comes from their similarity to true peppercorns in both size and shape.  Since they are too soft to be ground in a peppermill by themselves, they are sprinkled whole in most dishes.  Pink pepper, which is not a vinous pepper, comes from the French island of Reunion. Pink peppercorns have a brittle, papery pink skin enclosing a hard, irregular seed, much smaller than the whole fruit.

Sweet and mild, Pink Peppercorns make a colorful addition to many dishes like salads, eggs, seafood, white sauces, fish, poultry, and game dishes.  They go well with rich meats and are often used to flavor delicate sauces to accompany seafood and pork.  When sautéed or cooked in sauces, you may be surprised that the flavor changes to become very similar to black pepper.  Use Pink Peppercorns as a garnish to make a stunning color presentation!

.8 oz. & 2.3 oz.

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