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212 S. Commercial St., Branson, MO 65616  grew out of our love for cooking.  Bottom line, we have a great time in the kitchen and thought it would be a good idea to bring this to our 9-5 routine.  Our goal is to offer the freshest spices, blends and unique products at affordable prices.
 Call us at 417-544-1905  We can help guide you in picking the best Tea’s for any meal or event.

We also encourage recycling!  You have the option of purchasing many of our spices in glass containers.  When it is time to refill, order a replacement bag (small & large sizes to match jars) and just clean out your old jar.  Be sure the inside of your jar is 100% dry before filling.  You also save money!  Some blends, salts and smokey items may not be offered in bag refills.  Since salt is corrosive and well smoke is just so pungent, we may only offer those items is glass containers for optimum storage.

We intend to keep our product offering new as we keep exploring our own taste buds.

The Spice Agent: 212 S. Commercial St., Branson, MO 65616  or  Call us at 417-544-1905

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  1. This place was off the charts. Everything we cooked was great! The Spice Agent ! The freshest spices we have ever found. Incredible!!!

    1. Sorry Paulette, I got forced out of the old spot, but the new location is bigger and just down the street from the other space, so happy you tracked me down! Thank you for your support and if you need anything let me know.

  2. For spice blends where the list of ingredients includes “and other spices” what does that mean? For example, does the Thai Blend include cilantro? Thank you.

    1. Hello, To answer your example question, no cilantro is not in the Thai Blend I make. The words “and other spices” on a few things I make is only to protect my recipes. Most blends I make here I list everything. If another ingredient that is a “spice or herb” that has no direct link to allergies or anything else Hi Christina, I can use generalities, “spices or herbs”. I do not use filler or any other by-product. I sell a few blends that have MSG, those I don’t make. And I do not use any of that stuff in what I make here. If anyone, and I mean anyone has any issues, or allergies, drawbacks or just don’t plain like something, this is a custom place. I’ll make or change anything to suit or help a customer. No salt, and no sugar requests are asked for everyday. That is why I do this, so people can get what they want without whatever they don’t want in it. If I can help with anything please let me know. 417-544-1905

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